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Jodo, the way of the stick was devised by Muso Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi during the early 17th Century as a way of defeating a swordsman with a short staff, though his school uses other weapons too. Not much is known about his life, though there are many myths and legends associated with him.


At Myoken Dojo Jodo is taught by Elena West (5th Dan) who studied in Japan where she trained with the late Ide Katsuhiko Sensei (8th Dan Hanshi) and is now a student of Ueda Kayoko Sensei 8th Dan Kyoshi.


Jodo is practiced as a series of Kihon (basic movements) and kata using a stick 128cm long against an attacker using a wooden sword.

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Training in Bologna, Italy in

preparation for 5th Dan grading

(January 2014)

Visit from Kurogo Sensei - 8th Dan Hanshi and Ueda Sensei 8th Dan kyoshi (February 2015)

Training with Evgeni at the Butokuden, Kyoto, Japan

Training with Ueda Sensei at the Butokuden, Kyoto, Japan